**PLEASE HELP** Switched to new workstation and am unable to transfer my old local host data

I have been stuck with this problem for 5 hours

I have switched to a new workstation and wish to transfer my local-host data to the new machine. I am however forced to make a new user when opening the nucleus service instead of logging on my original one

I have enabled sharing on both accounts, I have send an invite to the new machine’s user and it has accepted it, I have given the new user admin rights etc.

I hit the same wall everytime, I can’t input a server name - it just says it fails

Both PC’s are on the same local-server of course, I fear my problem might be that I can’t connect to the old local host without making a whole new localhost account with it’s own unique admin etc.

Since the two unique localhost share the exact same name being on the same IP_adress I am just unable to do anything except starting from scratch with my assets

How can I transfer my assets from one localhost to another without just downloading it all manually - i had thumbnails on my folders and everything lol

I ended up manually downloading the old local host to a drive and transfer it up to the new one.

I’m delighted to say that all folders and assets all remember their thumbnails, which was the thing I feared the most was lost in translation

Thank you for the update!

We are working on features that will allow you to transfer your data between systems in the future much easier. We definitely understand the need to make your data more portable.

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