Porting proprietary python based AI Stack Algorithm to DRIVE AGX


We recently started using DRIVE AGX Xavier kit.

All our current Perception algorithms for AV are fully Python and ROS based and we were using x86 based systems for running our proprietary perception modules.

Currently, I am looking for a solution to port these modules into DRIVE AGX without much development effort. Is there any cross-platform toolchains to check and install the python package dependencies of our stack to run on the DRIVE AGX??

Any help is much appreciated.

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Hi @satheesh90,
We don’t know what’re the dependencies of your stack but you can start from referring to the topic. Thanks!

Thanks @VickNV for the answers. Could you also please provide links to install OpenCV-Python on Drive AGX Xavier as well? Thanks.

Could you help to create a side topic for this and let us know here? We may not have any available guide for DRIVE AGX system though.