Power a picoprojector from the Nano

Hi! I need to supply some power to a 5V pico-projector from the Jetson Nano. It needs a current between 1 and 2 amperes.
I think that the only posibilities are (in order of preference for me): from the GPIO pins, from the microUSB and from some of the 4 USB port. I suppose that all of them give me 5 volts (that’s what I need), but I would like to know how many amperes do they take out. What would the best option be for you?

Do I have to configure the system for doing that? For example, enabling GPIOs for taking power from them, configuring the operating system for letting the Nano take power out from microUSB, …?

The main power supply on DC jack is 5V, you can use it and so use an external power adapter 5V @ 4A or more. GPIO and USB port output are not recommended, as they can not provide so much current.