ROMOSS sense 8+ powerbank on Jetson nano barrel Jack


I bought a powerbank 30000mAh ROMOSS sense8+. I can power my jetson through USB port.
However I want to use the full power! through my barrel jack.
Apparently it should be possible from what the constructor’s data. There is one output 5V/3A (fit+).
I have 5V/2A output and 5V/3A output.
For the 5V/2A the green led switch on few seconds and power off. For the 5V/3A the led doesnt light at all.

The jetson nano is fine I just had a new one from RMA process and it works pretty well.

Tell me what I miss

Actually it sais 5V/3A output which is for charge. So it doesnt deliver 3A only 2A

Hi, not sure about your problem, do you mean the power supply to DC jack is 2A too? The power supply capability decides how much power Nano can get, you can try other DC power supply to check again.