Problem Flashing and Booting Xavier

I believe I’ve accurately followed installation instructions in the quick start guide. Downloaded and run the SDK Manager up until the point where the Jetson OS Image is supposedly, successfully flashed.

However at that point a menu pops up for installing the SDK components and I’m told I need to:

  1. Complete the Ubuntu 'System configuration wizard' on your Jetson AGX Xavier.
  2. Wait for the OS login screen.
  3. Enter the username and password of your Jetson AGX Xavier.
  4. Click 'Install' to continue.

It is not clear to me exactly how to now boot up the Xavier to complete these steps. I’ve tried hooking up the Xavier to a monitor using an HDMI-VGA adapter but it reads (no signal detected). The monitor works when hooked up to my laptop so I’m wondering if the OS really is installed or if I’m missing something.

My setup is:

  • Xavier: Connected to host (via the provided usb type-c) and connected to the internet via a wired ethernet connection
  • Host: (Ubuntu 18.04) Connected to Xavier via usb-c and wirelessly connected to the internet via the same router.

Here is a link to my SDK logs

I’ve already consulted these threads but could not find a solution

Any help is much appreciated.

My HDMI-VGA adapter was faulty. Please feel free to delete this post.

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