Problem running ROS Galactic Docker image

Hi I’m having an issue running the docker image for ROS2 Galactic on my Jetson Nano 4GB, Model B01, running Jetpack-SDK-4.6.3 (after upgrading from 4.6.1)

Here are the steps taken so far:

  1. create directory
  2. create shell script and paste the template
  3. modify to use the right tag: CONTAINER_IMAGE=“dustynv/ros:galactic-pytorch-l4t-r32.7.1”
  4. save and make it executable: chmod 755
  5. run it ./

This is the output it creates:

administrator@rosnet:~/Documents/docker_container/ros2_galactic_pytorch$ ./
xhost: unable to open display “”
xauth: file /home/administrator/.Xauthority does not exist
xauth: (argv):1: unable to read any entries from file “(stdin)”
chmod: changing permissions of ‘/tmp/.docker.xauth’: Operation not permitted
sourcing /opt/ros/galactic/install/setup.bash
ROS_ROOT /opt/ros/galactic
ROS_DISTRO galactic
root@rosnet:/# exit

What am I missing? I didn’t see the usual download and fetch happening…

Then I tried to copy the repository and build from source instead, with following result:
Before I started I did ensure to add the defualt entry in /etc/docker/daemon.json as per instructions!>

administrator@rosnet:~/Documents/git_clones/jetson-containers$ sudo ./scripts/ --distro galactic --package desktop --with-pytorch
ARCH: aarch64
reading L4T version from /etc/nv_tegra_release
L4T BSP Version: L4T R32.7.3
l4t-base image:
selecting OpenCV for L4T R32.7.3…
ROS_DISTRO: galactic
ROS_PACKAGE: desktop

Building container ros:galactic-desktop-l4t-r32.7.3

Building ros:galactic-desktop-l4t-r32.7.3 container…
Sending build context to Docker daemon 174.1kB
[WARNING]: Empty continuation line found in:
RUN mkdir -p ${ROS_ROOT}/src && cd ${ROS_ROOT} && rosinstall_generator --deps --rosdistro ${ROS_DISTRO} ${ROS_PKG} launch_xml launch_yaml launch_testing launch_testing_ament_cmake demo_nodes_cpp demo_nodes_py example_interfaces camera_calibration_parsers camera_info_manager cv_bridge v4l2_camera vision_opencv vision_msgs image_geometry image_pipeline image_transport compressed_image_transport compressed_depth_image_transport > ros2.${ROS_DISTRO}.${ROS_PKG}.rosinstall && cat ros2.${ROS_DISTRO}.${ROS_PKG}.rosinstall && vcs import src < ros2.${ROS_DISTRO}.${ROS_PKG}.rosinstall && rm -r ${ROS_ROOT}/src/ament_cmake && git -C ${ROS_ROOT}/src/ clone GitHub - ament/ament_cmake: Supporting CMake packages for working with ament -b ${ROS_DISTRO} && apt-get update && cd ${ROS_ROOT} && rosdep init && rosdep update && rosdep install -y --ignore-src --from-paths src --rosdistro ${ROS_DISTRO} --skip-keys “libopencv-dev libopencv-contrib-dev libopencv-imgproc-dev python-opencv python3-opencv” && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* && apt-get clean && colcon build --merge-install --cmake-args -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release && rm -rf ${ROS_ROOT}/src && rm -rf ${ROS_ROOT}/logs && rm -rf ${ROS_ROOT}/build && rm ${ROS_ROOT}/*.rosinstall
[WARNING]: Empty continuation lines will become errors in a future release.
Step 1/35 : ARG
Step 2/35 : FROM ${BASE_IMAGE}
manifest for not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Seems like my update from r32.7.1 to r32.7.3 was pre-mature and it messed everything up.

Any idea what I could do from here?

Hi @andrew.cra2019, it looks like the container is running since you are at the root@rosnet:/# (and then you exited the container). You must have already had the container already downloaded which is why it didn’t fetch it again.

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