Problem setting up internet on Drive AGX


we are having problems setting up an internet connection to our Drive AGX Xavier. We have connected the HSD cable to the 100Mb/1Gb HSD 1/2 port of the Xavier. The other end is connected to the HSD to RJ45 dongle which is connected to the host PC via an Ethernet cable and and USB-to-Ethernet adapter.

We were following the “Setting Up Networking on the Host and Target” tutorial but the last command of subsection “Enabling Internet Access from the Target”

dhclient <ethernet interface>


The suggestion to manually add the /etc/resolv.conf file didn’t helped as this file already exists.

Also, we aren’t sure which ip address and interface represents the host from the view of the target as the output of


doesn’t change when plugging in or unplugging the Ethernet cable. Therefore, we just tried out every ethernet interface but nothing worked.

Thanks for your help!

Hello t.mueller,
did I understand the setup correctly? - you have connected the Drive AGX to the host machine P2P?
if so, this is expecetd because there is no way the Drive AGX will have internet access that way.

you have to connect it to a DHCP server that allows dynamic allocation of IP so external internet connection will be possible.

the command

dhclient <ethernet interface>

is aimed to gain a dynamic IP from the dhcp server that is hopefully connected to the drive.

alternatively, if your host machine acts as a dhcp server then you should check why your server does not respond.

the ethernet interface you will expect to have assigned an IP will be eth0 (on Linux).

Hi shayNV,

Thanks for your reply, it helped us getting on the right track. We followed the steps described in “Configuring the DHCP and NFS Server on the Host” but didn’t managed to get the DHCP server running on the host machine.

We solved the problem by connecting the Drive AGX to a router and sharing the host’s internet via that.