Problem subscribing ros joint states when loading kuka robot from script

I have encountered a problem when using ros bridge to control a kuka robotic arm. It works perfectly when I add the robot usd and create the action graph from the interface. But when I create everything in python from “examples” it turns out that the topic joint_states that it subscribes to is incorrect even though I can’t find any difference.
Working example:


Note: I have noticed that very occasionally it picks up the right joint states and moves slightly in the right path.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @dmoren21 - Someone from our team will review and get back to you.

Hello, I managed to solve the error. It seems I was subscribing and publishing to /joint_states topic. This somehow worked when loading the robot manually but was so bad when running it from a standalone example.

To make it work with kuka robot I created a new launch file and python script (and cmake and xml files) in isaac_moveit package for the kuka arm (based on this Franka tutorial: 10. MoveIt Motion Planning Framework — Omniverse Robotics documentation)

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