Problems with Labs on DLI

Hey guys, I just signed up and started some DLI courses around Omniverse and USD. I’ve completed all of the Juptyer notebooks for one lab but it won’t detect it as complete. Has anyone else had the same issue?

Hi @ryan151,
We’re aware of an issue that causes labs to be displayed as incomplete like this, and are working to fix it. Whether or not the completion checkmark gets displayed or not will not impact your progress through the course – if you have completed the jupyter notebooks, then you have completed the course.

Taylor, DLI Platform

Perfect! I actually saw that the course progression had been updated in any case. Thanks guys! 🏆

I am facing the same issue. I’m technically done with the lab and the course has been marked as completed in my profile however, because the lab section in the course isn’t marked complete I could not get the certificate I earned.

Hello @vievenavales29! I’ve shared your post with the DLI team for further assistance!

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Hi @vievenavales29, the courses that you are enrolled in do not have certificates available unfortunately.

Thank you so much for clearing this up! We are required to submit the certificates in the course here for a real-life course in uni by our professor so I was predisposed to believe are certificates. Are all free courses here not gonna provide certificates upon completion?

I apologize for the confusion there! Our catalog of free courses is relatively small, but this course has a certificate available if you successfully pass the assessment: Courses – NVIDIA