Program failed to execute

I built my application outside of Visual Studio, but am attempting to use Nsight Tegra to debug it based on the instructions included with the package.

When attempting to debug the application all the steps succeed, but the program fails to launch with the output window stating:

Error: Program failed to execute…
GDB reported: error,{msg=“Cannot access memory at address 0x1a”}

The application on my device is still, “Waiting For Debugger,” but I’m able to accept the current error from Visual Studio and am presented with some assembly. Though I have added my .so file to the project as indicated in another thread in this forum, I am not given the option to find any source code, nor is there any kind of meaningful callstack:

[0x40108108] ??() C++

Any help would be appreciated.

I deleted my existing project and created a new one (again, using Nsight_Tegra_Visual_Studio_Edition_User_Guide.html#Debugging_an_App) which seemed to resolve the problem.
My application is running and the debugger appears to be attached. My application’s library has been loaded, but I’m unable to set a breakpoint, “The breakpoint will not currently be hit. The module containing the breakpoint location is not loaded.” Additionally, when my application invariably crashes, I’m still not given the opportunity to “Browse to Find Source”

As mentioned earlier, I used this thread ( to ensure my .so file is in what I assume is the correct location for Visual Studio (C:\Projects\SampleGame\SampleGame\libs\armeabi - this matches the libs layout in my .apk file).

Is there some way I can force Visual Studio to find my source files?

hi Dr00cifer,
1. the breakpoint was hit.
check the lib was not stripped that include the debug info.
2. source files
add your files directory to gdb.setup following the guide you mentioned above.
directory “”