Publish ros2 lidar pointclouds that have point fields x,y,z,timestamp

Hi all,

I would like to publish a lidar ros2 pointcloud from Isaac Sim with data fields:
-) x
-) y
-) z
-) timestamp
-) if possible also intensity

As far as I understand, Isaac Sim currently only allows to publish LIDAR pointclouds with the information of x/y/z with one timestamp in the header for the complete pointcloud. But for proper mapping/pointcloud processing, it is necessary to have a timestamp for each single point inside the pointcloud.
Is it possible to add more point data fields like timestamp or intensity?

The current publishing of lidar pointclouds can be seen in the attached image.

Hi @weidingerc,

Currently our ROS Publish Point Cloud OmniGraph node only accepts (x,y,z). I have filed a feature request and we will look into accepting more point data fields in a future release.

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Thank you for the quick response.
So currently there is no way to do this manually? Is there a way to program an action graph node ourselves to add this things?
I am asking this, because providing only one timestamp per complete scan is not really useful for robotics applications, if you have robots that are moving. The higher the robot velocity, the higher the errors are from missing timestamps/point.
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Hi @weidingerc,

At the moment, there is no way to retrieve timestamps for each single point from the lidar sensor. One way to publish the most accurate lidar point cloud from Isaac Sim would be to set the rotation rate of the lidar sensor to 0Hz. This will publish an exact full scan every frame of simulation.