Putting digit or period character in name of UsdGeom types

Hi folks,

I’m currently trying to build a custom stage in an extension and need to name some of the UsdGeom types like Scope etc. in a special way like: “123.test”.
The issue is that the digits always get replaced by an underscore if the digit is the first character in the string and the period always gets replaced by the underscore as well. Is there any way I can change this behaviour?
I’m also up to adapt some of the base source code of the extension if that’s required. I just don’t know where…


Welcome @niklas.hahn1! This is actually a requirement established by USD. Names follow C or Python naming requirements: Universal Scene Description: String Utilities

Hi, first of all, thank you. Is there any way I can overwrite the USD string utilities for my extension?

No. That’s not possible.