PX2 AutoCruise Flashed Drive OS SDK with DriveWorks, failed to start the system, black screen, no power, not able to reboot

22:56:33 ERROR : Flash AutoCruise Device with Single Guest Linux : 18541 blocks
22:56:35 ERROR : Flash AutoCruise Device with Single Guest Linux : Failed to flash device: please check /home/jayang/.nvsdkm/logs/DRIVE/Linux/ for more details.
22:56:35 ERROR : Flash AutoCruise Device with Single Guest Linux : command terminated with error
22:56:35 ERROR : Flash AutoCruise Device with Single Guest Linux : install ‘Flash AutoCruise Device with Single Guest Linux’ failure, command < cd ‘/home/jayang/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/DRIVE/Linux/’ ; /opt/nvidia/sdkmanager/resources/app.asar.unpacked/output/installUtils/adapter -a=‘install’ -b=‘NV_DRIVE_LINUX_BUNDLE’ -c=‘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’ -i=‘NV_FLASH_AUTOCRUISE_DEVICE_WITH_SINGLE_GUEST_LINUX_COMP’ -v=‘’ -l=’/home/jayang/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/DRIVE/Linux/’ -L=’/home/jayang/.nvsdkm/logs/DRIVE/Linux/’ -p=‘13181’ -u=’/opt/nvidia/sdkmanager/resources/app.asar.unpacked/output/installUtils/NV_DRIVE_LINUX_BUNDLE/common/_installer/InstallUtil’ -t=‘PX2_AUTOCRUISE’ -x=‘SDK’ -e=’/home/jayang/Downloads/nvidia/sdkm_downloads’ > terminated with error

I succeeded flashing the SDK to Drive PX2 autocruise(3407), 1st time reboot, it was asking the user agreements. Once I finished the user agreements. The system is down and not able to reboot, no current is driven, not able to flash 2nd time. My host machine is 16.04 Ubuntu Linux, how could I fix the issue?

Dear jieyng,

Did you flash the board without any error? So can we ignore your first inquiry?
If not, the first thing you asked was the problem, but after booting, did you proceed to the next?
Or you have a problem in the first flash, so you succeeded in the second flash, but did you have a problem?

Could you please upload the full logs available at below locations for your topic?

Hi Steve,
I succeeded flashing the board without error.
The 1st inquiry is about the board I try to flash 2nd time because the HDMI monitor displays black screen after 1st initial setup, auto password login, some user agreements.

Right now I am not able to boot the board anymore. I attached logs from host machine(laptop). Could it be firmware issue, when I install the SDK, the firmware should be update 1st? Or the firmware comes with SDK?
log.tar.gz (249 KB)

Dear jieyng,

Could you please help to check the board Aurix FW version with minicom tool?
If the version is not match with EB-V4.02.04, could you please update Aurix FW manually?


Hi Steve,
Thanks, from your advice. I did the firmware update using the Triload.bat and Triload_update.bat both. Now it is able to see the screen to display nvidia background on the monitor. Please see the pdf figure 1.

I checked both bat files:
Trilload.bat: set hexfilepath = Drive-V5.0.10-P3407-EB-Aurix-With3LSS-4.02.04.Hex
Triload_update.bat: set hexfilepath = Drive-V5.0.10-P3407-NV-Aurix-UPDATE-3.01.01.Hex

What is difference between two Hex files?

Another inquiry is for systems, not for the firmware.
when I check the usr/local/, there is no driveworks and driveworks-0.6 or high folder over there.
I attached the previous 4.1.8 systems vs systems. Please see the pdf figure 2.

QandA.docx (224 KB)

Dear jieyng,

  1. Could you please check Aurix FW version with minicom tool?


Host PC
$sudo minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB1

Aurix console
shell> version
Info: Executing cmd: version, argc: 0, args:

Checking the AURIX firmware version on boot

  1. For ACH, the nv_aurix_check_fw script only runs on Tegra A.

  2. For ACH, ensure that the eth0.200 interface is setup and the communication between Tegra and AURIX using Ethernet is functional. For ACR, ensure that SPI-TP daemon is running and spi communication between Tegra and AURIX is functional

  3. Ensure that both Elektrobit AURIX firmware and UPDATE firmware files are in the root filesystem.
    The name of the AURIX firmware must follow the naming convention:

  4. Driveworks should be installed together.
    Something is missing when installing via SDK manager.
    Would you please try to flash it again?

Yes, below is I got, is everthing all set?

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ sudo /bin/bash /etc/systemd/scripts/nv_aurix_check_fw.sh
starting Aurix FW checking…
Checking arguments…
Rootfs FW version is
Flashed FW version is
SW Version:
Aurix is booted with Latest FW
Rootfs UPDATE FW version is
Flashed UPDATE FW version is
Aurix is booted with Latest UPDATE FW

Also, I checked /lib/firmware the two firmwares are in that folder, please see attached screenshot.

Regarding 2. I search the Driveworks folder and find Driveworks_data, driveworks_samples, driveworks-v1.2.4.00 three folders and intsalled them, then the driveworks and driveworks-1.2 folder apprear in usr/local/.
Is there anything needs to check>

Dear jieyng,

According to the information you uploaded, everything seems to have been set up properly. Thanks.