Pxr autocomplete

Looking at the pxr usd documentation they seem to suggest that they have pybindings that allow autocomplete. Is there a way I can get that autocomplete working in omniverse for their library? There was another thread here (Setting python development environment Isaac Sim - #12 by toni.sm) that showed how to get some of the autocomplete working. But it still doesn’t work for the pxr library. It also doesn’t work for viewport.

Specifically, I’d like autocomplete for these namespaces since they are used quite often.

from pxr import Usd, UsdGeom, UsdLux, Sdf, Gf

Hi @parrotdora , I usually use the USD docs to search for functions

and VSCode’s search for existing code with “viewport.”, you can filter by *.py as well.

Thats what I’ve been doing but its very slow. Any plans on adding autocomplete support in the future?

Hi Parootora,

One of our users have suggested a solution for autocomplete, please check this out and see if you find it useful.


We also have this Python (lint) Advice With Omni Imports - #11 by anovoselov