Quadro K1200 driver failure after I power off the monitors


Problem description:
I have the Quadro K1200 card attached to 3 LG 4k HDMI TVs (with adapters to the HDMI input on the TVs). When I power off the monitors, wait 30 seconds, then power them back on, the monitors do not detect a signal. When I reboot, all three monitors come back up, but they have lost their scale setting of 1.5 (scale is now 3).

I am running Ubuntu Xenial with the latest updates to the OS, NVIDIA Linux driver 390.67

I ran the nvidia-bug-report script and captured screenshots both before the problem occurred and after. The files are attached.


  1. Connect 3 HDMI TVs to Quadro K1200 card on system running Ubuntu Xenial (with latest fixes) with Gnome windows manager.
  2. Install NVIDIA driver 390.67
  3. Log into system, show all 3 displays working ok
  4. Power off all 3 TVs
  5. Wait 30 seconds
  6. Power on all 3 TVs
  7. The TVs report no signal.
  8. Reboot system
  9. Log into system
  10. All 3 displays are working, but they lost their screen scale (see screenshot attachments)

Expected behavior:

  1. When I power off monitors, then power them back on, all monitors connected to the card should bring up displays, the scale setting on the displays should not change.


  1. Suspending computer (systemctl suspend) and waking up works fine.
    nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (103 KB)
    nvidia-bug-report.BEFORE.log.gz (101 KB)
    nvidia-uninstall.log (1.14 KB)
    nvidia-installer.log (26.3 KB)

perhaps this is related to what this laptop user is seeing:


He mentions a pci bus issue. Workaround is a background script that uses xrandr to reconnect the device:
xrandr --output HDMI-0 --mode 3840x2160

Can NVIDIA confirm this is an issue and let us know if a bug/fix is expected in an upcoming driver release?