Question about XFI speed config

Hi nvidia team:

I am confused about the XFI seep only can set 10G/5G/2.5G,

and Orin MAC connect marvell aqr113c PHY,and the PHY can suport 100M/1000M self adaption.
I want to ask when connect a 100M reticle,what’s the XFI speed?

if speed is 100M or 1000M,the rate is same with 10000M.

XFI mode = 10G:

  • UPHY GBE mode = 10G
  • MAC = 10G
  • PHY line side = 10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100M

With this setting, link speed should be able to set to 1G or 100M.

hi WayneWWW:

  • UPHY GBE mode = 10G
  • MAC = 10G
    if PHY line side is 100M, then the speed is dismatch?
    do you mean even UHPY GBE mode and MAC is 10G is bandwidth,the actually speed is match the PHY line side speed?

The link speed could be different from the mode.

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