Question for nsight graphics[2022.2.1] vulkan raytracing shader profiler correlation

when I check correlation of the shader profiler, although I already use glslangValidator -V shader.vert -o shader.spv -g when I compiler shader, it still shows N/A or something unexpected, is this because of the raytracing pipeline? or because of vulkan? also, I see there’s tips for the shader profiler which said HL source, what does HL source mean for vulkan?

Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and I’m sorry you ran into this issue. Have you tried to check this using the latest Nsight Graphics release, which is Nsight Graphics 2022.3.1, and the latest Nvidia driver which is 516.59? HL means high level language, it could be GLSL or HLSL in Vulkan’s case, depending on which one was used.