Question regarding exporting robot simulation(ROS2) from Unity to Isaac Sim

I am currently working on a robotics simulation project that was developed on Unity with ROS2 and my team is planning on migrating over to Isaac sim. I was able to send and live sync the model data from Unity to Omniverse Create with the Unity Connector but was not able to export the C# script from Unity to Omniverse.

  • Is there any way to export Unity’s C# script to Omniverse so I can run the robotics simulation on Isaac sim??

Any help would be much appreicated.

Hi @jaeyeun. That is not currently supported. These are the currently supported features: Feature Summary — Omniverse Connect documentation. This is what the team is working on supporting next: Known Limitations — Omniverse Connect documentation

You’ll need to port your code over to Omniverse for now.