R8152 USB-C to Ethernet Adapter not recognized

After I went through multiple forums and looking for solutions for my problem, I finally come here to see whether you might be able to help.
For our Jetson AGX Xavier, we need a second Ethernet port which is why we bought a USB-C to Ethernet Adapter (Realtek R8152 chipset). However, this device is not recognized properly. It doesn’t show up in ifconfig nor in lsusb.

dmesg outputs the following failure for which I could not find any solution online:
r8152 2-1:1.0 (unnamed net_device) (uninitialized): Get ether addr fail

Maybe also related is this line from dmesg:
eqos 2490000.ether_qos: failed to read eqos_auto_cal_config_0_reg

I’ve pasted the entire dmesg log here

The kernel is 4.9.201-tegra.

Let me know if you need more information

Please consult Realtek for this error.

You could directly refer to the kernel driver code of this part.
This is related to the OTP fuse and such tool is provided by vendor. We don’t have such tool to provide here.

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