Xavier AGX and internet connection via USB


I have problem in establishing an internet connection via usb. I connect usb-A to my host (ubuntu 20.04(not VM)) and usb c to my xavier agx (jetpack 5.0.2). For some reason I get error message that states that connection between the decices is not successful. If I run lsub on host, I can see the xavier agx. Also sdkmanager detects the device. Internet connect with ethernet cable works. What may be causing the error?

Often it is as simple as security on the host PC. If you monitor “dmesg --follow”, what new log lines show up as you plug in the USB? Once plugged in, what is the output on the host PC of “ifconfig” and “route”?

Incidentally, on the host PC, you might want to see what “sudo nm-connection-editor” shows for the USB device (if you don’t have this, then you can “sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome”). Basically, if the device is shown in nm-connection-editor, you can look for various “sanity check” items (highlight the interface and click on the “gear” icon in lower left). Does it have the checkbox for “connect automatically”? Does it use DHCP?

After dmesg --follow:
In terminal many log lines pup up. Including “new high-speed USB device number 9 using xhci_hcd”. All the messages seem to be “positive”.

For ifconfig two usb0 and enx5e5a44621f9e show up once I connect usb from xavier to my host.

For the nm-connection-editor, I can see two “wired connection 1” wired connection 2". for both method seems to be “Automatic (DHCP)”

One thing to notice is that I can communicate between xavier agx and host machine in ROS2 using that usb cable. So they have to be in same network. For some reason internet is not working.

Can you mouse copy and paste the lines which appear? There are some details which will hint where to go next. Same with the “ifconfig” and “route” output, although only the usb0 would be relevant.

nm-connection-editor is likely ok, but knowing the other information might provide something more explicit to check there.

Incidentally, do either of these work from the host PC?

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