RADAR data over CSI-2

need to stream raw data from a radar sensor into a Tx2 over CSI-2.
What is the fasted solution to get a driver to bring the data to TX2 memory for further processing?
Cost is not an issue (time to market is most critical ;-)


Probably using gigabit ethernet. Secondarily, perhaps USB3. With ethernet you won’t need to write any driver code from the Jetson side. USB3 could require more time writing support code just for the USB side. PCIe would be fast data transfer, but I suspect more development time than the other solutions.

We planned to use TC358746 or TC358748 to convert raw data to MIPI CSI-2.

TC358746/8 can be programmed to simulate any camera and existing camera drivers can be used.

Xilinx ZynQ Ultrascale+ devices also have MIPI hard DPhy. Xilinx and 3rd party provide parallel to MIPI IPs.

I have similar requirement can you tell which one did you decide in the end. I am considering Cypress CX3 RDK. They have both usb3.0 and mipi csi-2 interface

TC358746’s are the lowest cost to bring high speed parallel data to TX2, but FPGAs are needed to convert parallel data to camera frames for MIPI interface and driver to work.

Thanks for replying but i want to stream Raw data from a radar sensor over Mipi and then onto usb3.0 and I am looking for a RDK that can do the job. If someone with experience with this could recommend which one should i use that would be great

We decided not to proceed with CSI-2 and changed to PCIe