Radar Interfacing with JetsonTx2

I have a Radar from Texas Instruments which is having 2-Lane LVDS Interface to get raw radar data. I have Jetson Tx2, I want to interface the radar with tx2,but tx2 doesn’t have a LVDS interface. How do i go about it?
radar datasheet: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/awr1843.pdf

Hi, you might need to find bridge chip for that.

bridge between lvds from the radar to which ports on the tx2, eg. GPIO or j10 debug port or something else ?
Also, can you attach some links of such interfaces which are available in the market ?


You’d better ask vendor for the wanted convert IO. For this kind of high speed port, there are USB, PCIe, MIPI and SATA etc. ports on TX2 that can be used.

Was Tx2 ever tested with a Radar? If yes, can you look and tell me which interface was it exactly

No such info can be shared. The interface used on TX2 depends on your choice of bridge chip. For TX2, it is just a standard IO to the bridge.