classification of gpu species

Does anyone know what ports does the following device have for video and power inputs?

That would probably be an older LVDS adapter. The LCD itself would be parallel (not series) and you’d get a datasheet full of timings (there are no “standard” interfaces on parallel LVDS…they’re all slightly customized even if they follow a common theme). The hardware converts to whatever your board can handle. It isn’t likely to have any compatibility with DSI or eDP without changing the adapter board…but that is just a guess (some of my older Toradex equipment has a similar design).

Thank you for your response.
Do you think the one of the ports at the image could be FDP LINK II/ FDP LINK III ?
I am asking because I am trying to estimate chance of getting the display [year 2014 model or so] connected with tx2.



It’d be really hard to tell without actually having one. When it gives an RGB out analog signal though I have doubts. Your reference page involves a drive PX, not a Jetson (SoC could be the same, but surrounding peripherals are far different).