Ready to burn it down

I’m way too many hours into just trying to get this to work properly.
I think I got a brick, we’re 50+ hours of troubleshooting now.
My thread got no attention. I was excited about this. !
I’ve started from 0 multiple times now.

3 memory cards, 10 power sources, multiple flash from scratch and try again from 0. Will not process an epoch in the basic training course 2. Had 2 of thumbs up and 2 down. Lags severely when trying to add image, epoch lags system to a stuttering mouse movement, 1 frame per 20+ seconds on mouse cursor.
What do I do from here? Also Dropped resolution to 1024x768@60hz. No help. Also had 4gb 6 8 10 16 32 64 gb swaps (only one swap active at a time, I reflash everything at that point if it doesn’t work)
So I dunno man, admin, give me a console command to see if I have a defective board please.

We will do the update at other threads you posted. Thanks.