Remote debug crashes when execute the findCudaDevice function

I could load and run “boxfilter-arm” sample remotely based on “”.
But when i try to remote debug this sample, debug operation will be crashed in findCudaDevice with the next error message:
fatal: The CUDA driver initialization failed. (error code = CUDBG_ERROR_INITIALIZATION_FAILURE(0x14)

Can any body help me to solve this problem?
Note: I read This topic but could not solve this problem.
Also i do all instructions in This topic.

No body can help me to solve this problem!!!

Hi @Eb_sh
Thank you for reporting this issue, sorry it took us so long to answer.

Are you using the Nsigth Eclipse from the SDK manager? If so, could you try using plain Eclipse and installing the NEE plugin into it.

Also could you provide additional information about your CUDA version:

  • cuda-gdb version you are using (output of cuda-gdb --version command).
  • nvidia-smi command output
  • deviceQuery sample output