Remottely connect a labtop with a pc

I am working with nvidia Issac simulator on a pc with the specification that mentioned in the website (RTX gpu , enough memory …etc )
i want to open such a simulator using my laptop, so i connect the pc (has issac simulator ,with linux operation system ) with my laptop (windows operation system ) using remote desktop.

I try to open the issac simulator remotely from my laptop , but unfortunately i can not see any thing , no main screen from issac will present.

how can i solve such issue ? can some one help me to be able to work remotely ?

I will be so grateful for such a help.

Hi, could you provide some details?

How did you connect your local(i.e., windows) and remote(i.e., ubuntu)?
and… how did you open the isaacsim in remote?

i used the remote desktop connection in my local windows machine , and use the ip address of the remote ubuntu machine (which has the isaac simulator installed)

Is it similar to this setup?

thanks for sharing that with me , but i have opposite situation.

my host is Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS system and has the isaac sim , while my client is windows which i want to use it to lunch and open the issac simulator.
I want to connect my client to the host to be able to work remotely with isaac simulator.

the graphic cards in both machines are not identical, the windows system is nvidia GetForce MX250 while it is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 for host machine (which has issac sim).

Hi. Are both machines on the same network or are they separated by the Internet?
I believe the Streaming Client requires an RTX GPU to run too.

Can you share the logs for both the Streaming Client and Isaac Sim?


Have you guys tried using the WebRTC feature??

You can use Omniverse Applications, such as Isaac Sim, USD Composer, through a web browser on a laptop(without a powerful GPU) if you enable this extension!

hope this helps

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