repeate ask authentication required by wifi network

After I connect to wifi successfully(I can surf the Internet), the wifi will be disconnected automatically and a dialog box pops up with “authentication required by wifi network”, if I click the “connect” button in a short time it will reconnect to the Internet

In the connection setting, I have checked the option “All users may connect to this network” but still will be disconnected. And the MTU is automatic, the security is “WPA&WPA2 Personal”

By the way, I have seen the same issue topics in this forum, but I can’t find them.

does the issue reoccur if you restart the network router [wifi access point] ?

I don’t think so. My other PC can connect the same wifi normal without break off. And the tx2 connect other wifi will still break off. I think there is something wrong in the tx2.

does the issue persist if you reflash the tx2 with the most recent Jetpack?

I’m not sure about that, my Jetpack version is 3.3. Actually, I don’t want to reflash my tx2, or I have to reinstall my tx2. And in my view, this should be the system setting issue

In my implementation I do not have that issue.
But from my expirience, wifi access points have several configuration parameters and their firmware can be upgraded. <when I am having an issue like the one that you described - I typically reset the networking device, upgrade the firmware from the official manufacturer’s website, and implement the configuration again. in most cases that resolves issues.

Thank you anyway, this strange issue still bothers me. If I can’t fix this issue finally, reflash the latest Jetpack is the final way to try.