RTX Realtime/PathTracing Settings

Hi, is there any guide/suggestion available to maximize the GPU usage (in my case a Quadro 5000 RTX) w.r.t. movie capture/synthetic data generation settings? And can I be sure that CUDA is being actually used?

Hello @marc2002! I apologize for the question, but I want to make sure I contact the right person to help you. It sounds like you might be using the Isaac Sim Omniverse application, is that correct?

I’m using both Isaac and Create. With Isaac mostly the synthetic data generation tool, while on create the movie capture.

Some testing / study I have made here:

“I would do a 1440p image with Optix and work with the power of the lights being lower but the exposure being higher.” outdoorliving3d

If you need “god rays”

"So if I raise the camera ISO to 800 and have overall quite normal settings for other camera values as well, then I can have much less intensive lights. "

Pekka Varis

Hi @marc2002. The development team got back to me with some more information.

We suggest that you should check the GPU utilization with NVIDIA-SMI as an example. We use multiple APIs for GPU usage. With Movie Capture, GPU utilization should be good unless you are get IO bound – for example in real time mode with a simple scene that could happen.

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Many thanks❤️

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