Running Docker replicator with tutorial example: Many errors in log

Hi, I am trying this headless example: Running Replicator Headlessly — Omniverse Extensions documentation

inside a Docker container on a Ubuntu 20 Workstation to test cloud deployment like this: Deploy to Cloud — Omniverse Extensions documentation

Although running the headless example inside the interactive Docker container results in correct data written out, I get a huge amount of errors in the log output:
replicator-docker.log (109.5 KB)

The process ends with a segfault. Any help appreciated.


Hello @bruno.vetter! I’ve alerted the Replicator team to your post. I will post back when I have more information for you!

Hi @bruno.vetter,

Looking through the log, there’s some things when running headless that show up as errors that shouldn’t be. The main thing here that sticks out is a known issue, where the process ends with a segfault. We’re working on solving it, but can be safely ignored, only happens at the end of the shutdown sequence.

Nothing in there should be affecting the functionality of replicator, but if you do see something with a repro, let us know.


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