Samsung U28E590D 4K, GeForce GT 650M, Out of sync / Black screen, Linux

Hello hackers,

When enabling nvidia 375.26 driver on Linux the U28E590D display goes out of sync / blank.

Display is connected through HDMI and I have the following working control configurations:

  • Linux 4.8/4.9, nouveau (kernel param hdmimhz=297), 3840x2160@30
  • macOS, N/A, 3840x2160@30

Calls to xrandr shows the expected resolution@refresh rate. No error messages in dmesg or /var/log/Xorg.0.log.

Video mode is set by kernel module. No custom X configuration.

I believe this must be an error in the Linux nvidia driver. What information should I gather to help diagnose the problem?


run and attach output.
nouveau has to be blacklisted for nvidia-drivers to work.

generix: Thank you for your response!

I have uploaded the output here:

According to the logs, the monitor is detected and set up at 4k over hdmi to expand your desktop to the right.
Don’t know at what refresh rate which might be out of the hdmi specs. Tried to connect via displayport?
Tried to fiddle with it using your DE’s monitor manager?
Maybe generate a xorg.conf using nvidia-xconfig to be able to tweak it.

The thing is that the exact same setup, hardware and cabling works when using the nouveau driver on Linux and of course with macOS.

I just tried to connect a different monitor and there seems to be no signal at all. Regardless of which resolution I select there is no reaction. It is almost like the output is not coming through for some reason.

Could there be issues with cooperation with the integrated graphics board and sharing of the outputs or something like that? The computer has a integrated Intel GPU (i915 driver) as well.

According to your xorg.log, outputs are connected to nvidia gpu. Otherwise, your monitor would not have been detected and set up. So interference with intel gpu is unlikely but I don’t know how Apple switches gpus.
Since nouveau works, this is more likely to be a driver bug. External hdmi connector not set up right on mid-2012 MacBook Pro.
Set up a xorg.conf, post more when a different monitor is connected and hope nvidia staff gets attracted by this thread.

Did you ever get this figured out? I think I have a similar, if not the same issue.