SDK Manager with Ubuntu 18.04/20.04

I can not get SDK Manager to log in properly. It “Failed to get client token” after logging in via the web browser. So, I am unable to flash my AGX Xavier Development Kit. Is there a fix for this? What is the eight-character PIN required if I try logging in via my Android phone?


Your issue will get better exposure if posted in the Jetson forum. I will move it over for you.

Are you under company network with proxy?
Is on VM ot native Ubuntu OS PC?

Why Android phone?

No VM. Native on PC (Ubuntu 18.04.
I have an Android phone.

Not sure how it happened?
Suggest to try with other browsers, or PC.

Why need to login in via your phone? Supposed all activties via PC.

I was just trying everything I could to get my AGX Xavier flashed.

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