When I use the SDK manager to flash the Jetson agx orin 64 dev kit

When I use the SDK manager to flash the Jetson agx orin 64 dev kit I met error as BELOW: Cannot connect to the device via SSH.Check the user name and password


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Is this really a valid IP?
I don’t know what you are doing.

that IP belongs to the jetson agx orin.
I have successfully flashed the system with the new OS, however, I am unable to continue the following step to install the SDK components.

I have tried re-flashing in automatic and manual mode to no avail.

The ipv4 is set to the default
after it said default ip is not available i set the above ip thinking that may be this will work

Then you should select Ethernet as the connection type, not USB.
Make sure you are able to ping/SSH into this IP on your host PC.

dont know how to ping/ssh into this ip on my pc

It’s nothing different from a normal ping/SSH.
I don’t know what you don’t get.

Or you can just do

sudo apt update
sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack

on the device.
SDK Manager is not really requied now.

ok will try this

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