Set up Xavier NX module with no SD card on module?


I’ve been developing some code on a Nano 2GB development kit, and have things working - but the eventual app is going to run on a Xavier NX. The client I’m developing for sent me a Xavier NX module with a Seeed studios A203 carrier board - but I can’t figure out how to bring this module up for the first time so I can test my code against a Xavier NX instead of just the Nano.

There is an SD card slot on the carrier, but nothing on the module. Powering on with force recovery on doesn’t seem to do anything, nor does having an SD card with Jetpack 4.6 on the carrier’s SD card. The documentation seems really fuzzy on this; I brought up the Nano 2GB with no problem, but how can I get this Xavier running? I have also tried the Xavier NX module in the Nano 2gb carrier board, with no luck.

Any help appreciated,

hello riz94107,

please refer to Getting Started With Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit. it shows the steps to flash the image to Xavier NX DevKit.
however, since you’re having Seeed studios A203 carrier board, you cannot use the same board configuration file as DevKit’s. please contact with the vendor for the correct flash-command, and the configuration file for image flashing.
furthermore, please note you’re having same JetPack release version for delivering apps from Nano to NX platforms.

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