Setting exposure of camera


I am wondering how to set the exposure of a camera in Isaac Sim, programatically from Python. I expect different exposure settings to produce differently illuminated images of the same scene. I tried using GetShutterOpenAttr and GetShutterCloseAttr of the UsdGeom.Camera but this seem to be ignored as written at the bottom of

How can I set the exposure?
Thank you in advance.

Hi - Apologies for the late response. Are you still having any issues with the latest Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 release?

Yes. The problem is still same. I do not know how to set the exposure of a camera. There is the “/rtx/post/tonemap/cameraShutter” parameter but I do not understand its units and meaning. I want to set the exposure in seconds or microseconds, higher value should make the image brighter, but increasing this parameter makes it darker.