Shut down sequence

Hi everybody,

I’ve been looking for a way to decently shut down the AGX board for a while now. My idea is to execute it via the ignition signal in the connector harness. Do you have any idea how to trigger the board to do it?

Unfortunately, there is no relevant information in the documentation.

Thanks in advance!


Dear PascalLieb,

Could you please refer to “Powering On/Off the device” session in DRIVE™ Software Documentation (ZIP)?

DRIVE OS -> Setting Up Your E3550 Platform -> Powering On/Off the device

Hello Steve,

thank you for the answer even it doesn’t fit my desire. You describe a Linux typical command shut down, which means in case of the AGX platform you have to separate shutdown both Xavier.

It might be possible to shut down the whole device via any trigger signal to prepare any damage of attached devices such as external hard disks, etc.

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Hello Steve, have you meanwhile found an answer to my question?

I would appreciate your feedback.


Dear PascalLieb,

Aurix poweroff is the only way to power off the board (except for Aurix which stays on). There is no way to shut down the board from a Tegra in general. Thanks.