Significance of various parts of the SKU for Jetson Devkits and Modules

Hi. Can someone please provide some info on what the different numbers in the SKU separated by hyphens stand for?

I am interested in the Jetson Nano Devkit (945-13450-0000-100), Jetson Nano Production Module (900-13448-0020-000), Jetson NX Production Module (900-83668-0000-000).

The developer guide mentions model numbers for the different parts, eg. P3448-0002 for the Nano Production Module. The SKU seems to use this. The Devkit SKU also uses the Devkit model number. But the other numbers such as 900 or 945 and the “1” that replaces the “P” are unexplained. Hope someone can provide a break up of the numbers.


See the “Part Numbers” section of Confusing in Board Name for the "Jetson Nano Developer Kit" - #3 by prlawrence and then come back to finish reading this comment.

The ‘P’ just stands for “Part.” See L4T devguide Intro for explanation that P-numbers are derived from 699-level PNs. The idea of P-numbers is to present a simpler (fewer characters) way of identifying the part.

… and the “1” that replaces the “P” …

Don’t worry about that digit. It can vary by product (serving some arcane Ops purpose) but doesn’t change once set. For example, that position holds an ‘8’ for the commercial Jetson AGX Xavier module: 900-82888-0040-000. It will never change, so there is no need to include it in the shorter P-number: P2888-0004.

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