Size of Jetpack SDK bootlooader and kernel images?

Hello, I noticed that in the files that get flashed to the Xavier, the kernel folder has an “Image” file ~33MB. I verified that during bootup via TTL output, the message “loading kernel image…(~33MB)”. I want to verify that this is indeed the kernel image size for jetpack 5.0.2. Also, I don’t know how to verify the bootloader image size. I see in the bootloader folder, the following:
384KB - adsp-fw.bin
263KB - applet_t234.bin
72KB - BOOTAA64.efi
41MB - boot.img
41MB -

Would the bootloader image be the 41MB boot.img?

Thank you!
Leo Segovia

Hi leomuteki,

Image is right the kernel image in use.
The UEFI image is uefi_jetson.bin, which should be in Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/.

What’s the use case for you to check the size of these images?
and we would suggest using latest JP5.1.1(R35.3.1) to verify.


THank you for the quick response! Since we will be building prototype software for a research team, We need to know the worst case sizes of the kernel and bootloader sizes for our final reports (not including applicatoions). Do you happen to know the worst case kernel and bootloader image sizes possible?

What is the “worst case size” meaning?

The size of every partitions could be specified in the XML.
You could refer to Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/cfg/flash_t194_sdmmc.xml in you BSP packge for AGX Xavier.

You might also be interested in knowing that modules and the kernel (and other software) often has debug symbols by default. Those binary files can often be “stripped” to reduce size. An example, when cross compiling on a host PC:

<tool_chain_path>/aarch64-linux-gnu-strip --strip-unneeded <path-of-kernel-module.ko>
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“worst case size” meaning if I add more libraries like cuDNN, will the kernel and bootloader sizes increase? if so, how can I calculate the final size I should be expecting.
Thank you for the XML size partitioning tip! However, how do I know the min and max limits to adjust these partition sizes?

Your libraries and applications should only be stored in rootfs and would not increase the size of kernel/bootloader.

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