Skid-Steered behavior for robots

I want to test different skid-steered robots in Isaac Sim to be later used for RL training. I had raised this issue before in which there the solver settings had to be changed to PGS solver along with additional parameters as highlighted by @rgasoto here: Wheeled robot incorrect behavior.

Is there a way in which I can use the TGS solver with GPU dynamics enabled (setting some other parameters in the USD file) through which I can get better behavior right now, with TGS solver and GPU dynamics enabled, The vehicles like husky, jackal slip, and angular velocities are way lower than expected. Plus, the turning radius is larger than expected.


It looks like the PGS is still the only solver capable of running this skid-steering to somewhat acceptable levels. I’m raising this with the physx team to see if we can improve the behavior of TGS for upcoming releases

Any news on this? We’re experiencing the same limitations for skid-steer systems unfortunately.