Wheeled robot incorrect behavior

I’m trying to simulate the clearpath husky robot in ISAAC Sim. I add a flat terrain and give wheel velocities of 374 deg/s (right) and 181.4 (left). Which corresponds to v = 0.8 m/s and omega as 1 rad/s. It should have an ICR as 0.8 m but instead it traces an extremely large circle (33m or something). Stiffness is zero and damping is set to 100000.
Is there some setting I’m missing? Attaching the urdf as well.
husky.urdf (12.3 KB)

Does anybody have an idea about this?

Attaching the video with both solvers.
In PGS solver, it behaves better for tracing a circle of a specified radius but does not work properly when opposite velocities are given to the wheels. When using TGS, it does not work either way. Attaching the video for rotation about its axis.