SPE/AON problems with the flash process of the R5 on jetson NX


I was having trouble flashing the jetson NX R5 microcontroller using the description on their site. Now I have some questions:

  1. does the program have to be compiled with the compiler talked about in the documentation? It is from 2014 and I used one from 2021
  2. how do I find out which values I have to set in the config files in the Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader folder if I want to use another pin mux? I could not find any documentation for that
  3. reading from the UART during the flash process, the message “*** The spe-fw has been updated successfully. ***” appears, but the functionality is not given. For the gpio program, does the functionality has to be somehow triggered?



  1. It’s better to follow the instructions in doc first, to make sure everything works as expected. We do not verify other toolchains.
  2. The doc in SPE firmware package describes how to make changes for PINMUX. You can also check the registers values to confirm whether the PINMUX is set correctly. Jetson/L4T BSP development tips - eLinux.org
    This link provides an example.
    For those register descriptions, you can get details from Xavier TRM.
  3. Please check the gpio.md for details, and follow the steps in that doc. You can add some extra print code to make sure the updated SPE firmware runs.