Stereo camera script- viewports don't initialize properly

The latest version - Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 ,
Scripts - ./ standalone_examples/api/omni.isaac.ros_bridge/

The viewports aren’t initialized to proper cameras. The viewports still have the perspective camera enabled.

Hi @nilesh3 - Someone from our team will review and respond to your question.

Hi @nilesh3. It looks like the default name of the new “Viewport 2” had changed and as a result the script is not docking the second Viewport. Please update your script, as per the line at the top of the screenshot. By changing the viewport name from “Viewport 2” to “1”).

Note, the environment that I’ve used to reproduce the issue was ROS2 / Humble. And my expectation is that the issue is not dependent on ROS and the fix above should work both for ROS and ROS2 samples. Please, tell if this resolves your issue. Thanks!