I am currently working on a project where I need to establish a streaming setup involving a Jetson Orin AGX, a local Android device, and a remote Android device. The setup includes connecting a camera and a microphone/speaker to the Jetson Orin AGX, which is then connected to a switch along with the local Android device. The goal is to stream both video and audio from the camera and microphone/speaker, send them to the local Android device, and subsequently forward them to the remote Android device.

Previously, I successfully implemented a similar setup using python/open cv library in Jetson Orin AGX instead of an Android device. However, I am now exploring the best approach to achieve this using Android devices.

Specifically, I seek guidance on how to efficiently stream video and audio from the Jetson Orin AGX to the local Android device and subsequently transmit them to the remote Android device.

I would appreciate any suggestions, recommendations, or best practices regarding software libraries, protocols (such as RTP), networking configurations, and development tools to accomplish this streaming and forwarding setup seamlessly and effectively.
Thank you in advance


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We generally run UDP or RTSP. There are reference setup in

Jetson AGX Orin FAQ

You can run RTSP server on Jetson device and use VLC player on Android device to receive the stream.

Or if there’s a way to run gstreamer command on Android device, you may try UDP. This would need other users to share experience about if it is possible to run gstreamer command on Android device.

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