Suggestion: code sign the Launcher

While installing Omniverse Launcher on a new Windows 10 computer today, I was confronted with a large blue Microsoft SmartScreen security alert that the software was an “unrecognized app” from an “Unknown Publisher” that “might put your PC at risk”. I have admin permissions and was able to click through this popup, so this is not a blocker for me personally, but I’d like to bring this to your attention as a potential issue for companies/personnel with more restrictive IT security settings.

I’ve dealt with this sort of alert before on software that my company creates and the likely solution is to sign the executable(s) with an Extended Validation (EV) code signing certificate. (Note: based on my experience, self-signed or normal code signing certificates most likely will not resolve this issue, as SmartScreen seems to require an EV cert.)

Looking at the file Properties of omniverse-launcher-win.exe and NVIDIA Omniverse Launcher.exe, it appears that neither of them have a code signature (there’s no Digital Signatures tab), which agrees with my suspicion.

Is it on Nvidia’s roadmap to code sign the Launcher?

Hi @khartshorn! I am checking in with the dev team about your question. I will update you as soon as I hear back.

Also, you can view our public roadmap here: Trello

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Hello @khartshorn! The developers got back to me and informed me that we had an issue with the production launcher where some of our builds were not signed properly. This fix has been released so they suggest that you try redownloading the Launcher and check that the digital signatures are there.

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