Omniverse Launcher Error

I get the following error in the Omniverse Launcher while logging in.

I get redirected to a login page when hitting the login button. Afterwards it jumps back into the launcher but shows the following error:

If I quit the launcher and start it again it just stucks at a grey screen. (I can not add a second screenshot here as I am a new user but its just the launcher window completly grey)

I then have to delete user data in “C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\omniverse-launcher” to see the login dialogue again.

Any ideas what could cause this?

[Edit] We think it has something to do with the ports the launcher is using. Our company has very specific Firewall rules. Is there any information about what ports the launcher is using?

Thank you for using Omniverse, sorry you are having issues. The following is a link to the required ports.

Some other questions:

  1. When you started the launcher the first time, did you select to install “Cache”? Did it install correctly?
  2. can you try and install “create”, tell me if that installed

@maximilian.auer -
Can you possibly attach the launcher logs
Location c:\User<your name>.nvidia-omniverse\logs*

I downloaded the launcher from

The launcher did not gave any options what apps/components should be installed from the start. I think thats what the launcher is for right? To install the apps. But I can not launch it from our company network.

If we use the launcher outside our company network we do not get this error. Thats the reason we think it has something to do with specific ports used by the launcher. Are they the same as the ports from the nucleus documentation you send me?

Hey @mirice,

I attached a log from the launcher. This is the state where the launcher is just grey and doesnt show anything.

The \installers.json is just empty.

Hope it helps!
launcher.log (3.2 KB)

@maximilian.auer -

I do not think the port numbers are the issue at this point.
Seems to be related to certificate security from the web interface needed in the install process for GDPR.

  1. Are you using Chrome as your default browser? If not, which one are you using?
  2. I will try and reproduce

The most common cause of the " unable to get local issuer certificate " error is a misconfigured web server that fails to send all of the intermediate certificates with the server certificate , when the client and server perform the SSL /TLS negotiation.

@maximilian.auer -
Please look at this link to see information about firewalls in terms of Nvidia Launcher. Allowing these links (or all of should solve your issues with Launcher at work vs home.

I forwarded everything to our IT-Department to resolve this issue.

Thanks for the help @mirice!