Supporting Sony IMX586 on Jetson AGX Xavier

Hi, I am working with the Sony IMX586 (MIPI CSI2, 48Mpbs sensor) and am looking to support it on the Jetson AGX Xavier platform. From my knowledge, this sensor is not supported.

I am currently looking at porting the imx185.c driver (another Bayer pixel format sensor from Sony) to support the IMX586 sensor, and am looking through the Sensor Software Driver Programming Guide.

What changes do I need to make to the BSP (Jetpack or L4T) to support this sensor? I understand that I need to create a device tree node in the kernel (custom DTSI file for IMX586) to support the sensor, but how is this done?

I am also looking to output this camera data to a Host PC via Ethernet, USB, or PCIe interfaces at a fast data rate. Is it possible to output data off of the Savier at a max of 10Gbps? If anyone has any information of how to do this efficiently in the kernel I am open to all suggestions.


Please have a check this document for the CSI cameras.

Did you succeed in using the imx586 camera ? If yes, can you provide any link or resource to share?