Test error for "test_rtx_radar_point_cloud" in (omni.isaac.ros2_bridge.tests.) extension

  1. I was running the “test_rtx_radar_point_cloud” test given in Omni. Isaac.ros2_bridge extension tests as shown in Figure below

  2. The test fails with the following error, and a detailed description of the error is attached.

| 2024-04-02 13:17:48 [105,277ms] [Error] [carb.graphics-vulkan.plugin] VkResult: ERROR_OUT_OF_DEVICE_MEMORY
|| 2024-04-02 13:17:48 [105,277ms] [Error] [carb.graphics-vulkan.plugin] vkAllocateMemory failed for flags: 2.
|| 2024-04-02 13:17:48 [105,277ms] [Error] [gpu.foundation.plugin] Unable to allocate buffer
|| 2024-04-02 13:17:48 [105,277ms] [Error] [gpu.foundation.plugin] Buffer creation failed for the device: 0.
|| 2024-04-02 13:17:48 [105,277ms] [Error] [rtx.rtxsensor.plugin] RTXSensorBuffers::allocateResourecs - Could not create firings resource.
|| ok

Error.txt (50.3 KB)

  1. Why is the Rtx-Radar-related test failing in Isaac-sim?


What is your nvidia-smi output?