The internal developer menu

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to open the Developer’s Manual & Kit SDK, but it does not load.
Does anyone have an idea why it’s not loading?

OS: Windows 11 Pro
GPU: RTX 3050
App version: Audio2Face 2022.2.1


Welcome to the forums @NedzZone
Can you share the link to “Developer’s Manual & Kit SDK” so we can try it?

Hi Ehsan,
Thank you for getting back to me. Here is the kit SDK link:

Here is Developer’s Manual:

Thanks for the support.

I can open this one. If you can’t open it, it’s worth cleaning your browser’s cache or use a different browser to see if it works: Omniverse Developer Guide — Omniverse Kit documentation (

Kit developer manual can be found here: kit-manual documentation (

I still can’t open the Dev guide on both my browsers: Chrome & Brave, also tried with another laptop & tried with Chrome & Opera but still didn’t work.
What could be the problem?

The kit dev opened with one click, thank you!

What about this link: Omniverse Developer Guide — Omniverse Kit documentation (

Perfect! It worked.
Thank you for yoy support dear Ehsan & also thanks for connecting on LinkedIn :)

All the best,

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