The possibility of supporting Ubuntu 22.04 in SDK Manager

I know Ubuntu 20.04 is the latest supported version in SDK Manager 1.8.3, and most people don’t take care of silent corruption in disks.

But I cannot trust stored data in disks like what’s EXT4 doing now. Because any disk will break in future, and most of time in a silent way. So I want to use ZFS in Ubuntu 22.04.1.

In Ubuntu 22.04 installer, the ZFS EXPERIMENTAL label is removed. So ZFS is ready for daily usage now.

But in SDK Manager 1.8.3, I’m told No available release for ubuntu2204

Finally, the questions are:

  1. When Ubuntu 22.04 will be supported?
  2. Can SDK Manager just allow uses to try and take risks of unsupported Ubuntu version?


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o SDK Manager Client support of Ubuntu 22.04 is planning. However this will still restrict the customer from using it for SDKs that not supporting it. Customer can use Docker container with supported OS to overcome it. See Docker Images :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation
SDK Manager Docker Image Ubuntu 18.04 based -
SDK Manager Docker Image Ubuntu 20.04 based -

That depends, and we can’t support if any issue there.

I’m confused here the docker image is for running sdk manager on different ubuntu versions not related to install ubuntu 22 on jetson device.

There is no Ubuntu 22 for Jetson platform yet.

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