There is no WireframeBlur_blue_92.5 file in cache

I combined the Ant demo and livestream code to test the env in isaac2023.1.0. like

And I got this error,
2023-10-24 12:01:32 [10,480ms] [Error] [] Failed to read texture cache file /home/username/.cache/ov/texturecache/WireframeBlur_blue_92_1_1697585919_1474958_6.ovtex.5

I checked the fold in cache, there is no file named WireframeBlur_blue_92_1_1697585919_1474958_6.ovtex.5 (only has 0 version)

Do you know how to solve it or where can find the 5 version file?


Hi @yiyiliu.liu - The error message you’re seeing suggests that the system is having trouble reading a cache file for a texture. This could potentially be caused by a missing, corrupted, or incorrectly formatted file.

The specific file in question seems to be a cached texture file. The naming convention suggests it may be the fifth version of a particular texture, but it’s hard to determine without more context.

There could be a couple of reasons why the file is missing. For instance:

The file might have been deleted manually or by a system cleanup operation.
The application might be looking for the wrong version of the texture.
To resolve this issue, you could try the following:

Clear the Cache: This is a common solution to various cache-related issues. You can delete the contents of the folder /home/USERNAME/.cache/ov/texturecache/ and then try running the program again. This should trigger the application to regenerate any missing cache files.

Reinstall the Application: If the missing file is a result of a faulty installation, reinstalling the application could help. Make sure you uninstall the current application properly before attempting a fresh install.

Update Your Software: The issue could also be a bug that has been fixed in a more recent version of the software. Ensure your software (Isaac, Omniverse, etc.) is up-to-date.

Thanks, I have reinstalled the cache and isaac sim, it works

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