Three PCIe*1 (C1, C2, C3)


We want to use three PCIe*1.
I see in documentation that we can use C1, C2 and C3.

In the default configuration

C1 => UPHY_0
C3 => UPHY_7

Where i can find UPHY lane assigment for C2 when I change configuration in ODMDATA?


Please follow up the original design on OEM DG and adaptation guide. There is no support for changing xavier’s uphy mapping.

Hi WayneWWW. Thanks for your reply.

I understand that you can’t support any changes to UPHY Mapping.

In the default configuration, I can use C1 and C3 in PCIe*1 (UPHY_0 and UPHY_7).

I am not the expert on it but do you know if i can use PCIe*2(C4 controller) and put a PCIe bridge or don’t use one line (load)?


PCIe *2 should also support a *1 device, so please try it.